Hot: New method and device for liquid gases (liquefied materials) purification

The invention allows purification of gases to very high purity (up to 99,9999% and higher) consuming many times less energy than in today's enterprises. The technology also reduces the loss of a product from 10-20% to 1%, increasing the entire facility performance to the same figures (+10 or +20%) without spending extra energy and resources. New equipment can be easily and inexpensively produced, allowing to achieve the highest degree of cleaning many times cheaper than in modern costly, complex and power-hungry equipment. It decreases losses to very low level, for example for purification of CO2 from 80% to 99,99998% it will be about 1%

Besides reducing the cost and improving the quality of gas purification, the proposed technology will allow getting liquefied CO2 from flue gases by companies that previously thought it to be inadvisable because of equipment and energy cost. Considering the strict regulation of CO2 emissions, new solution allows some businesses to work without purchasing CO2 emission quotas, or even let them to use the mechanism of carbon credits and carbon offset to generate income that will produce a profitability jump. Such use of the new equipment can be a new kind of business, when instead of buying emission quotas, the company will recycle and produce liquefied CO2 and use carbon credits mechanism for additional benefits. I think market, society and Government will highly appreciate such initiative. The annual volume of savings or additional profit for each client or for the market will be very significant both in volume and in value.



Using new technology the following materials can be produced for semiconductors production or for other needs with low losses and energy consumption:

1) High-purity gases, which can be used in semiconductor and lasers production
2) High-purity liquids
3) High-purity metals and metal alloys with selected properties
4) High-purity semiconductors materials







Link:  How this technology affects CO2, Urea and Ammonia plants production


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