Advanced Technology of

Liquid Gases Deep Purification

for CO2, Ammonia and Urea Plants



+10% production increase,
+15% to +50% and more profit increase,
product quality improvement



Developed by


Ivan Buhaienko






New technical solution brings new standards to CO2 & ammonia based products


New technologies always move productivity upwards creating advantages, breakthroughs and even new business models. The technology proposed and described here leads to the rapid increase of CO2, Ammonia and Urea plants productivity and their production quality. It is patented and offered for installation and joint development for plants and for equipment building companies.


The technology proposed purifies gases such as CO2, ammonia and others to a very high level of purity, up to 99,99999% and higher, consuming much less energy than at modern facilities. It has a very low losses level. For example, it is about 1% for CO2 purification from initial 80% purity product to 99,99998%.


New equipment can be easily and inexpensively produced, allowing to achieve the highest degree of cleaning many times cheaper than in modern costly, complex and power-hungry equipment, which is used at yours as well as at your competitor's facilities. The technical solution is simple and elegant and can be tested by your engineers in your workshops and laboratories.


Comparing to current technologies, the new one offers deeper purification level, lower energy and resources consumption and lower losses level. All that is emphasised by lower equipment price.






Reasons to choose New Technology
or seven ways the technology can be used at ammonia-urea plants


1. CO2 capture and purification for selling pure CO2 — selling the liquid CO2 is often more profitable than fertilizers, and plants prefer even reduce the main production to produce more liquid CO2. The technology increases the amount of CO2 captured, regarding lowering of losses during purification from 10-20% to 1%. Also, it increases the purity of captured CO2. The price of liquid CO2 differs depending on its purity. The most popular CO2 produced by urea plants has 99% or 99,98% purity. The retail price of 1 litre of 99% CO2 is about $0,25 and the price of 1 litre of 99,999% CO2 is $ 13. It means  the retail price difference in 52 times! The wholesale prices difference is lower. You can get many times bigger profit from CO2 trading. The technology allows producing a bigger quantity of liquid CO2 with the higher purity of 99,9999% and, besides, with lower energy and technical costs. It will impact the high purity CO2 market, and make the new standards of general CO2. The total profit of trading CO2 will surely increase for a new equipment owner.


2. CO2 capture and purification for chemical reactions in urea production – the technology increases the amount of CO2 captured, regarding lowering of purification losses from 10-20% to 1%, and also it increases the purity of CO2 for urea production. That increases the quality of chemical reactions and reduce losses of not reacted materials. It additionally can improve productivity at about 5% and decrease energy costs on reprocessing of not reacted wastes. If wastes are removed by the technical scheme, the technology decreases wastes of product and CO2 emissions. 


3. Ammonia purification for chemical reactions of urea production – high purity components cause more stable and complete chemical reaction. If we have both high purity CO2 and high purity ammonia, purified using new technology, then the reaction will pass perfectly without wastes and with high-quality urea product received.


multiple effect 


4. Ammonia purification during storage. As you know, there are losses of liquid ammonia during storage. It is caused by evaporation of the liquid ammonia and inerts dissolved in the ammonia. This process creates the high-pressure gaseous mixture on the top of the storage vessel. Inerts liquify badly, so the only way to reduce the rising pressure is to take off that mixture and throw it off or purify it and return back liquefied ammonia. It is very hard to clean the liquid gases from inerts by modern technologies. It takes a lot of energy and time. And often producer anyway have to throw-off the part of ammonia with inerts and utilise them in a torch or using other expensive methods. Total wastes volume during storage may reach 10%-20% level. It is the unacceptable loss. The new technology lets you significantly decrease that wastes level to 1% or less. It will cause the increase of the product amount at your storage on additional 10% or 20% without spending extra energy and complicated equipment.


5. Decreasing wastes to the atmosphere and recycle costs. Ammonia vapours generally are disposed by blowing them in the torch. It causes big CO2 emissions, energy and resources waste. New technology allows rapidly decrease that wastes and expenses. It will create a better ecological climate and increase the reputation of the plant and its owners.


6. Obtaining carbon credits or carbon offsets. As your plant wastes of CO2 to the atmosphere will decrease significantly, you shall pay 10%-20% less to buy CO2 emission quotas regarding Kyoto protocol, or you can get carbon credits for that CO2 that you don't throw-off. It costs $13 for 1 tonne of CO2 which you don't waste but sell as a product.


7. Increase the quality of ammonia and urea – well-purified ammonia and urea is easier to sell. Especially if such purification will cost less to the company. The technology will let you surely win the market share and even raise the price, as your product will be much cleaner and let your customers produce better quality chemicals based on your primary products.



So, the new technology improves the urea-ammonia & CO2 production on multiple levels from purity and quality improvement to reducing product losses. As a result, the implementation of new technology reduces the loss of a product by 10% or more and increases productivity by additional 10% increasing production quality. It moves up the entire facility performance without spending extra energy and resources and even reducing their consumption. Improved production quality allows to win bigger market share and increases sales and product price that will produce additional incomes. Total effectiveness of the technology differs from plant to plant, but it surely improves the production amount and quality reducing wastes, energy and resources consumption.

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The technology can be provided to you on the terms of joint development & license agreement with implementation and construction by your own engineers using our specialist's consultations or with involving of equipment building companies.