My old ideas

Transforming cellphone

This technology brings together functions of the radio-controlled vehicle and the existing properties of mobile phones, adding a new level of entertaining abilities. Such a device can be controlled with another mobile phone, computer, etc. using both small range (e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) and the mobile network (for example Internet through 3G mobile networks).
The device’s keyboard and display can be detached and used as a remote control using small range transmitter and/or a mobile network.





The projector and the LCD display has the same part - the LCD matrix that filters the light coming through it forming the image. The idea is to make a display work in several modes: as the display, and as a projector by adding several optic modules and light modulation. 


Lightning timepieces

Technology is the use of a plasma discharge as arrows or other elements of the image on the dial . On a similar principle arranged plasma-balls - lanterns, but the direction of the electric discharge in them are chaotic. Adding additional elements to the device allows to direct discharge in the right direction, creating an unforgettable picture: dynamic, bright, flexing pattern of lightning on the dial. Combining different types of gas -fillers (including ordinary air ) can produce different colors and textures discharges. Range of products manufactured by this technology can be very broad: it can be both strict watch for the business person who underline its modernity and charm, or bright and able to draw a variety of patterns device for an elegant and stylish women & youth. For example, the clock is a transparent body, in the crystal of which will play a misterious lightning. Lightning patterns also can generate text or graphics.



 Ultra high speed Hard Disk Drive

Technology is in allocation of read/write heads  on the rotating platform (disk). This disk is to be placed above the contrarotating store-disk.



Disposable dishes

Constructions of the new dishes consist of two parts: hard and elastic. The hard part is made of the ordinary glass, ceramic, metal or plastic. It is a plate or a glass or a cup of a special form which itself can be used as a normal dish. It provides for the dish the appropriate solidity and reliability. The elastic element is the plastic insertion covering all inner and part of outer surface of the dish. The insertion has the especially curved edges for better fixation quality.